Confirmation Instruction

Confirmation is not just an academic process or a requirement for membership in God’s Kingdom. It’s about forming Christ-followers. Confirmation at Faith Lutheran Church is a carefully designed program - one that is intended to bring youth to a closer understanding of God's Word, their Savior Jesus Christ, and the Church as a whole.


Junior High students will through faithful worship and study, class participation, engagement with core concepts, as well as encouragement from pastor, leaders, parents, and peers become more familiar with Lutheran teaching and understanding of Scripture and be able to articulate their faith in Christ.

  • Regular worship and class attendance
  • Memorization of the “Six Chief Parts” (see #9 on page 59 of the Small Catechism)
    • Each student is asked to demonstrate their understanding of basic Christianity by memorizing the Six Chief Parts and Luther’s explanations.
    • When a student is ready to be examined, she should make an appointment with pastor. This demonstration of proficiency can be conducted through a combination of written and oral forms at the leader’s discretion.
    • A student need only “attempt” one section at a time (e.g. The 10 Commandments, NOT all 6 chief parts at once), and is allowed and encouraged to make as many attempts as necessary.
  • Completion of Sermon Notes (24 per year)
    • Sermon Note Forms are provided above the mailboxes outside of the sanctuary. Apply what you learn from the Catechism to listen for the Law and Gospel being delivered
    • OR You may have up to 12 notes substituted each year by participating in worship service opportunities. These can include serving as acolyte, usher, reader, or A/V assistant. It is up to you to arrange for these opportunities. To receive credit fill out the back of a sermon note.
  • When all other requirements have been met, students will design a ‘statement of faith’ in which they not only demonstrate their knowledge of Lutheran doctrine, but apply it to their own lives. Guidelines for completion will be presented during class
  • The Lutheran Service Book
  • Luther’s Small Catechism
  • The Bible* (bring your own - English Standard Version recommended)

Youth instruction is held on Sunday Mornings at 9:45am during the school year, and is usually intended for students in the 6th-8th grade. If you would like to inquire about adult instruction please contact the church office.